Green Decision Labs and Research (GD Labs)

Green Decision Labs and Research (GD Labs) is a research and innovation lab that aims to achieve urban sustainability in Nepal’s cities by establishing and partnering with innovative Green and Social Ventures. The company aims to leverage government and international funds to create self-sustaining enterprises that have a lasting impact.

Impacts of GD Labs

Plastics Recycled (Tons)
Cycling Distance (Kms)
Carbon Saved (Kgs)

Running Projects of GD Labs

Services Offered by GD Labs


GD Labs is expanding its expertise in AI-based agritech to automate the control of temperature and...

Disaster Risk Reduction

GD Labs, being an enviro-tech company, has been working on the development of an AI integrated early...

Sustainable Lifestyle

Greenway Nepal is a venture of GD Labs aimed at promoting green mobility. It offers a mobile and web...

Water Quality Monitoring

Our venture, EG Labs specializes in water quality monitoring, employing advanced technologies to...

Air Quality Monitoring

GD Labs and research also focuses on air pollution monitoring with devices designed for...

Solid Waste Management

GD Labs has embraced an innovative approach to plastic waste management, emphasizing the...

Products of GD Labs

Poly+ Rolls

Poly+ Rolls are an upcycled product designed for thermal insulation, made from recycled plastics...

Bio-Packaging Bag

The Zero BioPlastic offers a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil-based single-use plastic...
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