About GD Labs

Green Decision Labs and Research (GD Labs) is a research and innovation lab that aims to achieve urban sustainability in Nepal’s cities by establishing and partnering with innovative Green and Social Ventures. The company aims to leverage government and international funds to create self-sustaining enterprises that have a lasting impact. GD Labs operates as a venture building company, working on various themes including air, waste, mobility, and green cities to promote sustainable urban lifestyles. Founded on November 17, 2019, under the Companies Act, 2006, GD Labs was inspired by alumni from Kathmandu University’s Environmental Engineering program. The founding members are passionate and driven environmental engineers dedicated to making a positive impact in Nepal.

Our Mission

Developing Green ventures to promote Sustainable Urban Living.

Innovating services, products, and business models in urban sustainability.

Leverage research and data to devise people-centric solutions.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between Natural and human-made Environment for Sustainable Urban Lifestyle.

Our Values

We believe in finding innovative ways to tackle urban pollution in Nepal and beyond. We believe in leveraging modern technology to solve complex socio-technical problems. Evidence based and human centric solutions are weaved in the core of our goals. We believe data is the primary commodity to bring about practical solutions that really work in the market which can be proven through our sales. Through our ventures, we prioritize scalability, replicability, and sustainability. By implementing innovative and environmentally conscious solutions, we aim to transform cities into vibrant and sustainable places for all residents to thrive.

Our Team

(Board Members)

Samip Sigdel

CEO (Theme Leader-Waste)

Experienced Research And Development Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. An aspiring entrepreneur and a practicing engineer in the field of Environmental data, technology, and services. Skilled in Environmental Impact Assessment, Public Speaking, various streams of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, and Research. Strong research professional with an ongoing Master’s degree focused in Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management from Lumbini International Academy of Science and Technology with a keen interest in the Climate Change domain.

Nivesh Dugar

CFO (Theme Leader- Mobility)

An environmental engineer by profession has been taking initiatives to improve the mobility of the people in the city since 2309 through a campaign “Kathmandu Cycle City-2020” and currently he is on the board of the cycle led NGO “Cycle City Network Nepal” in the capacity of Vice-President and in another not-for-profit organization “Society of Environmental Engineers in Nepal ” in the capacity of Secretary. Besides the voluntary engagement, he has been working in the sector of waste, WASH, green cities, environmental planning. He has been working professionally through environment based company Green Decision Labs and Research Pvt. Ltd. which has the vision and mission to make the surrounding environment friendly. Nivesh has an academic background of a Master’s of Technology in Environmental Engineering.

Bijay K.C

BDO (Theme Leader-Green City)

An Environmental Engineer with ample interest in Youth and Innovation for the Sustainable Lifestyle. An aspiring advocate, currently serving as General Secretary for Society of Environmental Engineers of Nepal (SEEN). Visioned with Social Entrepreneurship, he is graduating from Development Studies from Kathmandu University.


Sanjeet Ghimire

Program Officer

Sanjeet Ghimire is a remarkable and inspiring young Program Officer with a deep passion for making a significant impact on the urban environment. He has a solid academic background in M.Sc. Environmental Science, which has given him a comprehensive understanding of environmental issues and sustainable practices. His enthusiasm and dedication are motivating and inspiring to the entire team, and he consistently brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas tothe table. These qualities demonstrate his genuine desire tocreate positive change.

Sampada Shrestha

Research Officer

Sampada is an environmental engineer who is passionate about the environment and is committed to making a lasting impact. Conducting thorough investigations, gathering and interpreting data, and synthesizing findings into comprehensive reports are integral aspects of her role as a research officer. As a dedicated research officer, she has been actively involved in a wide range of research projects, with a particular focus on sustainable urban mobility, and air pollution monitoring. With a profound understanding of environmental engineering principles, an extensive research portfolio, a strong analytical mindset, and an unwavering commitment to the environment, Sampada is poised to continue making significant contributions to the field.

Pemnurboo Sherpa

Product Designer

Experienced mechanical engineer and product designer, currently making significant contributions as a valued member of the GD Labs team. With a strong background in product design and a genuine passion for innovation, Pemnurboo consistently plays a pivotal role in the successful development of cutting-edge products. He possesses exceptional collaboration skills and demonstrates expertise in utilizing CAD software to create precise 3D models and engineering drawings. Known for his exceptional problem-solving abilities, Pemnurboo is committed to delivering designs that are not only functional and user-friendly but also visually appealing. With an unwavering drive for continuous learning, he remains at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring the provision of innovative solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

Shrijana Pandey

Finance Officer

Srijana Pandey is a skilled finance officer who has successfully completed her BBA degree from Pokhara University. She is really good at analyzing finances and has a lot of knowledge about accounting. She is responsible for managing financial and accounting tasks in the organization. Apart from that, she also plays an important role in administrative work, like taking care of day-to-day operations, arranging travel and helping with buying things for the company. Srijana is excellent at communicating, working together with others, and organizing tasks which makes her a valuable member of the team. She ensures that everything runs smoothly in both finance and administrative areas which helps the organization to be successful overall.

Kevin Maharjan

Brand / Social Media Manager

Kevin Maharjan is a multi-talented professional specializing in social media management, branding, digital marketing, and creative graphic designing. With a deep understanding of social media platforms and online channels, Kevin develops strategic campaigns to engage target audiences and achieve business objectives. His expertise extends to digital marketing, where he leverages various channels and analytics tools to optimize reach and drive conversions. Kevin’s creative skills shine through his ability to design visually appealing graphics that align with brand identities. He is dedicated to continuous learning and staying updated with the industry trends.

Muna Ghimire

Lab Analyst

Muna stands as an indispensable force in the pursuit of knowledge and preservation. As a skilled and passionate lab analyst at E.G. Labs, her contributions play a vital role in understanding and safeguarding the delicate balance of our ecosystems.Armed with a comprehensive understanding of scientific methodologies, she embarked on a path that would blend her passion for the environment with her aptitude for laboratory analysis. Her work encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities, such as conducting chemical analyses, evaluating water quality, assessing air pollution levels, and examining soil composition. By meticulously gathering and interpreting data, she helps generate valuable insights that inform policymakers, scientists, and conservationists about the health of our environment.

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