Poly+ Rolls

Poly+ Rolls are an upcycled product designed for thermal insulation, made from recycled plastics. These rolls can be produced using both shredded plastics and recycled pellets. They can be layered beneath CGI sheets to act as a barrier against heat dissipation from above. During monsoons, they can also reduce the sound of rain.

Poly+ Rolls can be produced from locally discarded plastics using a polyfloss machine. They effectively insulate rooms by preventing heat from dissipating inside in hot regions and reducing heat loss in cold regions. This product serves as an alternative to rockwool and glasswool available on the market. It offers similar thermal insulation efficiency at a lower cost.

Unlike rockwool and glasswool, Poly+ Rolls are made from plastics and do not cause allergies. They are safe to touch and can also be used for stuffing purposes. To make Poly+ Rolls fire-retardant, a clay layer fabric can be used to cover them.

Installation of the product is easy and user-friendly. It can be easily layered above a board under the ceiling or installed on its own with a fabric covering. Skilled manpower, such as those with furniture-making expertise or experience in installing false ceilings, can install Poly+ Rolls.


Poly+ Rolls by GD Labs 01 Poly+ Rolls by GD Labs 02

Poly+ Rolls by GD Labs 03



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