GD Labs is expanding its expertise in AI-based agritech to automate the control of temperature and humidity within greenhouses. This initiative aims to minimize human intervention in agriculture, enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of greenhouse farming. By leveraging advanced technology, GD Labs seeks to strengthen food security and increase resilience in agricultural practices.

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Disaster Risk Reduction

GD Labs, being an enviro-tech company, has been working on the development of an AI integrated early warning system for disaster preparedness and mitigation. We have been developing a location based early warning system to detect natural calamities like floods and heatwaves and relay the information to the people that might get affected by incoming

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Sustainable Lifestyle

Greenway Nepal is a venture of GD Labs aimed at promoting green mobility. It offers a mobile and web app that assists urban dwellers in reducing their carbon footprint by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. This digital system empowers users to make environmentally conscious choices and contribute to a greener future.

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Air Quality Monitoring

GD Labs and research also focuses on air pollution monitoring with devices designed for environmental assessment. Our services include measurement against government standards and low-cost methods, such as Open-Seneca kits, to collect and assess data, predicting the highest pollution areas. These efforts help us provide accurate, actionable insights to improve air quality and public health.

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Solid Waste Management

GD Labs has embraced an innovative approach to plastic waste management, emphasizing the significance of decentralized waste management and recycling. We utilize waste plastics to enhance people’s livelihoods by generating employment opportunities and developing convenient products that improve their quality of life.

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